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Donate a microscope & basic lab equipment


Despite the fact that ours is a simple to the point project, there are still costs involved. You can help us meet those costs by donating funds.

We have calculated that to equip one school with a microscope and all the essential lab supplies such as test tubes, pipettes, slides, cover slips, other glassware such as flasks and beakers etc., an incubator and at least one generous size pressure cooker with all the staining, biochemical, immunological reagents and growth media (all generic) will come to approximately $10,000.00 US dollars.

You can donate all or any part of this amount.

If you are the sole donor, your name or your organization will be given the sponsoring credit for this donation.

Amounts donated by multiple donors will be pooled till they come to $10,000.00 US dollars and all donors will be given the sponsoring credit for such a donation.

Everyone will be notified as to the school and the city and the country where the sponsored school is located.

Progress and the benefits derived from this donation can thus be quantified.

The school receiving the donation will also be required to involve the public via demonstrations using the microscope as well as learning the use of the microscope.

This will be the most important factor in bringing health and hygiene information as well as introducing the public to science.

If both parents are encouraged to get involved in this part of the project, the benefits could be perpetual since the knowledge will then diffuse within the family and the neighborhood. So, please donate generously.

You can make your donation by clicking on the DONATE BUTTON below. Also indicate if this donation is for the microscope and the Science Skills Center project.

The International Foundation of Microbiology is a tax exempt section 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions will thus be tax exempt to the extent permitted by the applicable IRS code.