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How to motivate pubic about health, hygiene and sciene education


Start with a microscope. That is how we started almost two hundred years ago to get to where we are now.

Microbiology also gave a boost to the growth of science in general but biological science in particular. Everything from molecular biology to genetic engineering and biotechnology came out of microbiology.

The developing world including our own young and upcoming children have to start with the microscope also.

It, however, won't take them two hundred years to catch up with us because the journey for them can be shortened to two or even less than two years by teaching them systematically and chronologically. How?

Because we don't have to make them rediscover the wheel.

They just have to be exposed to what is already known.

From then on, they can start their own journey of making their own discoveries. It is that simple.

What slows them down and confuses them even to the point of running away from learning is the way we teach - too spread out and long drawn out.

Show them what we do, how we do it and why we do it. That will make their journey not only short but enjoyable. Then they won't run away. As a matter of fact they will be on their way of becoming a healthy and a useful member of the society including living a healthy and productive life of their own.